Understanding How Children Learn

Understanding How Children Learn


As an Early Childhood Professional, you have been given an awesome gift.  You have the opportunity to work with children during their most impressionable age for learning.  During their early childhood years, children are like sponges.  They are absorbing everything around them and forming knowledge of the world that will last them their entire life.

This workshop will help you recognize all the different ways young children learn and how they process their learning.  You will discover how to organize your preschool environment to promote learning.  

You will receive a certificate that reflects 10 clock hours upon completion of the workshop.

You must complete the workshop tutorial at http://www.perpetualpreschool.com/workshoptutorial/index.html after payment has been made.  If you using a web browser on your smartphone or tablet you may get an error message that the site does not exist.  If so, please look for the command "view desktop site" or "request desktop site."    If you are not sure where to find this command, you will need to consult the help section for your browser.